Nyaomi is an artist from Toronto with experience creating and exhibiting in North and South America. Her artistic practice can be defined as personal narratives that explore subjectivity, the body and challenging issues. She aims to bring awareness to what's been repressed and show alternative ways of thinking.

In recent years, she has worked with Nike, Airbnb, WeWork, Maclean’s, LinkedIn, and more. Inspired by her thesis–research on depression as a form of communication and catalyst for self-renewal–she continued creating with transformation in mind. Nyaomi has since expanded into textiles to further explore the connections between our mental health, our environment and the power of creating something tangible. She is an OCAD University graduate with years of experience as a freelance photographer, entrepreneur, and facilitator.

In short, Nyaomi is an artist who continues to find ways to combine her passion to create with her interests in health and wellness. In all that she does, she hopes to inspire transformation.

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Contact  contact@nyaomi.com

Location Toronto, Canada.

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