Photo taken by Ann Brokelman


      We Are Lawrence focuses on those who have lived, worked, or played on Lawrence Avenue symbolizing the idea of unity, oneness, and community through portraits. The pictures being displayed in bus shelters like advertisements are a way to bring attention to the local community. It’s always nice to see someone you know or recognize on a personal level being celebrated for what they do. The large-scale imagery puts those photographed in a place of superiority, visually expressing their importance with scale.

      To me this project was more than taking portraits. I felt that getting to know people’s stories and have real conversations was the main goal. As a result those photographed felt more comfortable in front of the camera, something most are uneasy with. I aimed to photograph artists or those involved in the art scene. Cultural Hotspots is about highlighting artists that call Scarborough home. So as an artist and Scarborough native, I wanted to stick to art and artists as my subject matter because I can relate.

      Sabrina, like myself, constantly finds herself in the downtown core for events or just to hang out because it’s something like a second home. We both dread the commute back and forth, the wait times for the next bus, the train service ending before 2am, etc., however we’re back at it on a regular basis. Even though we spend more time downtown than in Scarborough, Scarborough is still home. It’s where we spent our childhood and the lessons, memories and overall experiences are irreplaceable. 

Exhibition runs from November 1 - November 30th 2014.

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