Interior Décor

by nyaomi


satin pillowcases w/ pocket


handmade pillows & décor


digital & analog photography 



"It's just a pillowcase, right? Nope. My hair doesn't get super staticky, it feels luxurious, and it's one of my favourite colours. The quality of both the satin and the sewing are tops. Thank you for helping me sleep better! :)"

- cookie's review on the Jovés satin pillowcase

"To be honest I bought a cheap satin pillow case once in the past and hated it. I felt like it made me sweat but I really wanted to give it another go & support your new venture, and I’m in loveee it was so comfy and silky to sleep on. Didn’t even use my bonnet last night & hair is surprisingly smooth yay"

- Natalie's review on the Jovés satin pillowcase

"The pilllow case silky smooooth to rasss ima have to get some more lawdd !"

- Allison's review on the Jovés satin pillowcase

"I purchased 2 pillowcases and they are the best I have ever bought. Soft and smooth. I will definitely be buying more!"

- Nathaniel's review on the Jovés satin pillowcase

"Hey Nyaomi, first off, I love the pillow!! The design is unique and after a few months it still has so much fluff to it! It’s been a great statement piece to my bedroom. Looking forward to what you design next!"

- Brandesha's review on the decorative pillows

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